Its Not Good...

Read before choosing Mike DeRemer


Inadequate craftsmanship. Then getting ghosted.

Summer 2023. We were finally ready to hire someone to install the tile floor in our front living room and kitchen. Mike said his schedule was light, and could start work right away. What quickly followed was and still is, a nightmare. Cigarettes in the yard. Significant lippage in the tiles. Patterns not followed. They even tiled around the trim instead of removing it and tiling beneath it, which I'm told would be industry standard. We also found other problems the tile floor not named here. However it is Mike's behavior after confronting him with these problems that is even more frustrating. After having his own contractor inspect the floor, he has ghosted us. We have not heard anything in two weeks, despite several emails asking for his plan to fix the issues.


Business days Michael DeRemer stated the project would take. 


Days this nightmare with Capstone Tile has lasted, so far...


Estimated cost to Demo Capstone Tiles work and get the job done right.

What happened?

Problems from the beginning

Do you like cigarette smoke?

We are non smokers. We have 4 young children, including an 11month old. We do not want them breathing in cigarette smoke. We use our home to homeschool our children, so they are home during the work day.

As soon as Michael DeRemer's coworker Justin showed up, our house smelled of smoke. I found Justin smoking two feet from our front door (with the screen open). I asked them to smoke in the street near their trucks if they had to smoke. Justin and Mike apologized immediately. However days later as I'm cleaning up the driveway, I find several cigarette butts in my driveway and yard. Disgusting. Littered cigarette butts stick around for a long time and leach toxic chemicals — such as arsenic (used to kill rats) and lead, to name a few — into the environment, leading to land, water and air pollution. Plus I find it extremally disrespectful to throw your trash all over someone's (or your customer's) yard.

So, if you plan to hire Michael DeRemer from Capstone Tile in Brooklyn Center Minnesota to tile your bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, or basement, expect to have that room smell like cigarette smoke, and to spend your time picking up disgusting butts carelessly thrown around your property.








The Main Problem

 Getting ghosted after discovering problems


After alerting Mike to several problems on May 20th 2023 with some pictures via text, he was rather short stating, "Just know it will be fixed... the tiles will be replaced." Well, as of this writing on June 19th, the issues are neither fixed, nor are the tiles replaced. In fact, Michael and Capstone Tile have taken so long to solve this problem, that even if we wanted him to, we can no longer order more tile with the correct dye lot as it is now sold out! So how will he ever fix the issues in the front living room and kitchen, and finish the back living room, and have all the tiles match with the ones hat have not been torn out? 

Michael has completely abandoned us since confronting him with these issues. No follow up. No proposed plan to fix it. Nothing. He has not responded to emails. He has just ghosted us. It is likely that we will be taking him to small claims court.


Terrible Craftsmanship

The overall quality of the work was poor.

  • We asked them to lay the tile in a random pattern. They had to rip out entire line of tile because for 6 tiles in a row the tiles were laid more in a brick pattern where the lines between tiles resembled more of a staircase (See pictures below). This obviously was out of carelessness and lack of attention to detail from Capstone Tile.


  • Tiled around the trim in the kitchen instead of taking the trim off the wall (like we had done in the entire front livingroom) and tiling under it. Michael DeRemer assumed he knew the answers instead of asking questions. I'm told my other tile experts that tiling around existing trim is not industry standard.


  • Did not backbutter his tiles, which I've been told is industry standard. Tiles are now loose in other places.


  • Not all of the tiles are flat, but there is significant lippage. I can tell by sliding my credit card across the tiles. It gets stopped in several places in the kitchen (far away from the large cracks in the front living room).


  • Removed tile spacers immediately after laying the tile. He used spacers like these. Industry standard is: "Tile spacers should be removed around 20-30 minutes after the adhesive begins to set on your tile floor. You don't want to remove them too soon, because this can cause your tiles to shift."   Now, the space between several tiles is uneven. It looks sloppy.


Poor Communication

That's our experience with Mike,.. if things aren't going well, or if we have a serious concern, he blows us off or ghosts us. He picked up his tools and left. Have not heard from him in over two weeks as of 6/19/23. I think he is hoping we will go away. This is not how a professional should act or treat his customers.


Capstone Tile Over Promises. Under Delivers.

Do not believe the lofty language on Michael DeRemer's website about "Passionate. Professional. Perfection."

Most of that language has been wiped from his website anyway.

As of Feb 1st 2023, His website used to say, "Professional Installation: We use industry standards and best practices to give you the highest quality installation that will last a lifetime." It also used to state; "Capstone Tile is a business with its foundation in recovery, focused on rebuilding lives and properties. I have a passion for everything tile, and our mantra is passionate, professional, perfection." That language has been removed as of 6/12/23.







Our Nightmare with Capstone Tile LLC

Consumer Protections

Here is some important information that we sadly did not adhere to when hiring Capstone Tile LLC. 

Consumer Protections info from The Minnesota Attorney General's Office 

Next time we hire a contractor to make improvements to our home, we will do much more due diligence.


Sorry for the bad news...

I hate to be so negative, but this truly has been an awful experience, it cost us thousands, and its not over.

I hope this website has helped the public to make informed choices about who to hire for a professional tile contractor. We have had such a terrible experience with Capstone Tile LLC so far, so much so that a simple google review just didn't seem to cut it. It might have been different if he was forthright in communication with us about fixing any installation errors, but getting ghosted instead is simply unprofessional and extremely frustrating.

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